The Mission


The Healing Wheel is a model of care under The Healing Wheel PLLC. The Healing Wheel PLLC is a partner with Indigo’s Cultural Arts Centers. The primary purpose of the Healing Wheel is to understand the psychosocial stages of development as it relates to African Americans and People of Color. We do this by using alternative healing modalities to address the trauma that one experiences, as they journey through the various stages of development. We provide forums, workshops, lectures, conferences, and retreats to create nurturing, transparent, and authentic safe spaces.


The Vision

We use a group-style environment, promoting cognitive restructuring and re-framing of one’s perceived notions about the self while encouraging accountability and

self-awareness to change irrational self-concepts. The goal of the program is to collect the data from all of our events and create innovative research. This research assists and equips professionals with the appropriate training to utilize evidence-based practices in order to become more culturally sensitive to the needs of minorities.


The Healing Wheel Retreat

he Healing Wheel was created in 2013 to begin to close the gap in mental health illness for African Americans and People of Color specifically for girls and women by providing sacred, nurturing, private, and open healing spaces for those who suffer from trauma. African Americans and People of Color are the present target population because they are the highest at-risk population in health disparities. We must begin to gather research from the people of this community in order to properly serve this community. It is our strong belief that if we strengthen both the high-risk, high-achievers and the at-risk population, we save all people.





The 6th Annual Heal Wheel Retreat 2019
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