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Healing Through Color Therapy

Personal Painting

Dynamic Drawing

Creative Clay Works

Color Theory & Spacial Form

This program is a multi-modular field of study that involves human physiological and psychological health through expressive art formats. Through this arts initiative, students and clients can explore ways to improve the quality of their lives and facilitate change, self-awareness and personal development through the process of various creative mediums and techniques, appreciation of cultural diversity, all while gaining an understanding of the therapeutic benefits.


Art Exercise for the body & soul

Warm-up with color and sketching exercises that will help create a deeper awareness of the subtle energies that govern us. We will use breathing techniques, self-realization, and true perception of the world around. As we explore the deeper tenets of visual math and science you will use art as a direct healing apparatus. Art Therapy allows us to harness the power of higher creative senses to manage or overcome stress levels that could be related to other problems or “blockages” in our lives. This class will focus on the visible light color spectrum, primary and complementary colors, color energy systems that exist as chakras, crystals, and natural elements and how they create the basis for our emotional experiences. You will learn to mix color pigments together, build a color wheel to help you work from a simple color palette. Gain an understanding of how colors can reflect a mood or energy and how to convey these through tonal value imagery.



In principle and practice, students will use the basics of color for the foundational structure of drawing or painting. Do you like to sketch things from nature or pull your imagination? Well whether you're a doodler or an all-out pencil Jedi, this form of therapy is great for expanding on visual ideas that have been locked away in our heads. Utilize paint, ink, lead, graphite, color pencils, pastels, and charcoals to do freehand sketches of live model studies, and imaginative and interpretive works on paper, wood, cloth or canvas. Learn drawing composition, shading techniques, industry secrets, and tricks. If you are more hands-on, grab a hunk of clay and breathe your own life energy into the 3-dimensional forms you choose to create.

Tools & Learning Outcomes

- Self-Care & Awareness

- Community Involvement

- Fearless Exploration of all art mediums

- Personal Growth through therapeutic healing

- Cultivation and expansion of interpersonal / leadership


- Appreciation of historical, cultural and social diversity

- Imaginative exercises & studies

- Exercising dormant skill potential


Current Workshops What Is Art Therapy?

Open enrollment for children (ages 8-12), teens/adults/elders (ages 13-up)

Digital Design & Imagery

Music Production

Poetry & Performance Art


- Warm up with talk and active meditation exercises.

- Explore and create with various art mediums.

- Create and build strategic therapeutic tools

- Benefit from the program by continuing activities

Art therapy is an interdisciplinary approach that fuses

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with studio art principles, philosophy, and practice.


The ultimate goal of art therapy is to improve or restore one's life balance and/or personal feelings of well-being. Its starts with art therapy encouraging the client to engage in the creative process, to explore their feelings, and to enjoy the pleasures of making art. In Art Therapy, one's creative expression is free form, so there is no need to have any formal training or art experience at all. The art therapy workshops are not designed to critique the client's actual work, instead, the therapeutic approach lends itself to explore the underlying communications, messages, and thoughts through their art, in combination with psychotherapeutic counseling techniques to promote, sustain and refine personal development.


•  Transcends traditional talk therapy through non-verbal


•  Decode symbolic and non-verbal mental images

•  Improves communication

•  Free thought & emotional expression with paint, clay &


•  Resolve hidden psychological issues with direct artwork creation

•  Visually-aided group support

•  Experimentation through iterative creating and thinking

•  Raise self-awareness through critical thought

•  Cultural, historical and social diversity appreciation

•  Self-enrichment through the process of creating vs

   expected outcome

•  Challenges closed-thinking, unlocks free-thinking to face fears

•  Acquire coping strategies to resolve day today


•  Heal mental wounds by using psycho-dramatic techniques

•  Maintain mental, spiritual and physical wellness

•  Improve how you express your thoughts and feelings

   when communicating with others

•  Acquire coping strategies to resolve day to day challenges

•  Remove creative blocks

Our Bio
The Therapist

L. Niajallah Hendrix-Wilson “Mama Nia" was raised in Oakland, California and now resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of the District of Columbia.


Mrs. Wilson has a Master’s Degree in Mental Health & Rehabilitation Counseling from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate, Certified Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Family Trauma Professional, Sex Offender Treatment Professional, and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. Mrs. Wilson private practice is the Healing Wheel PLLC. She uses her training in cultural competencies in Pan African and Kemetic sciences to bring awareness to self– identity, spirituality, culture, tradition and energy medicine for integrative mental health wellness & healing. Mrs. Wilson’s research focus is intergenerational trauma in African American women and girls.

Portfolio “Making intentional efforts to heal thyself leads to healing generations and eventually the world”
The Artist

Shawn Wilson is a visual artist & art instructor who has lived on the eastern seaboard all his life (NYC / NC / DC). Mr. Wilson holds a Bachelor's of Fine Art from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He has many years of experience in the field of studio art, graphic design, 3D CAD engineering, animation, videography, and music production. Mr. Wilson has taught art for many years at technical learning institutions and charter schools in the Maryland / D.C. / Northern Virginia area where he instructed children, adolescents and adults with therapeutic and technical approaches and helped develop and launch custom learning modules.


Shawn also produces music with digital and acoustic instruments as a means to grow and maintain creative interests. Videography and photography also play a huge role in how he develops a better eye for aesthetics and fine motor skills for technical ability.


"My work is expressed through various mediums ranging from paint to metal, to digital. I do not have a set formulaic style or approach as I am more designated toward free-flowing expression". 
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Expressive Arts & Therapy Class Schedule
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